WIX Review: Amazing for Beginner and Intermediate Web Designers (August 2017)

If you’re looking into website builders, one of the first you’ve most likely come across is WIX. In the US, WIX is known for its high priced TV ads, featuring superstar athletes and other famous people. This WIX review is designed to look past all of that marketing and break down whether or not WIX is right for you.

Many people enjoy the features that come along with the WIX website builder, and we would argue that it’s possibly the most user-friendly backend on the market. However, it all depends on what you plan on using your website for.

So, to get started, you need to ask yourself: What type of website am I planning to create?

Is it a small informational site about a small business? Are you trying to sell products through an online shop? Are you attempting to develop a niche blog about urban gardening?

Once you’ve figured out the purpose of your website, think about how much you want to pay, along with your experience level in terms of development.

Now that you’ve got all of that in your head, let’s examine the multiple features and tools you get with WIX, in order to come to a conclusion about whether or not you should go with the website builder.

How Many Sites Have Been Made With This Website Builder?

WIX states that it has over 100 million users as of 2017.  It’s tough to figure out how many of these are active users, but regardless, WIX has grown rapidly over the years. It’s mainly due to the clean interface and the tools that everyone can understand.

WIX Review: Features

The drag and drop editor is the stand out feature. It turns website building into a fast process, and you don’t have to worry about coding.

WIX Review - drag and drop

Most features on other website builders are included with WIX. Add a new page, insert video, customize blog posts and more. A strong point is the app market, which expands your feature set drastically. For example, you can find options for marketing, accounting, social media, ecommerce and more.

Furthermore, Wix has a booking platform for doctors, gyms and other professions that need to start accepting appointments through a website.

WIX Review: Ease of Use

WIX provides a drag and drop builder like no other. The elements snap into place upon selecting and dropping, and the menu is organized into a small collection of buttons, for customizing pages, designing items, going to the app store, changing settings and adding components.

You’ll never really have to touch any code with WIX, which is great news for beginners. Advanced users will find it rudimentary, but there is a custom CSS module.

WIX Review: Pricing

The WIX pricing structure has improved over the years. It used to list strange decimals for its plans, but now they have flat monthly rates that make sense. The good part is that you have several plans to sift through, giving you a little more freedom.

To start, WIX provides a free website setup, but this doesn’t necessarily get your site published on a custom domain. It’s more to test out the site builder. Also, yearly plans are less expensive than if you were to go monthly. We’ll outline the monthly plans below since that’s primarily what WIX advertises:

  • Connect Domain – Pay $5 per month to connect your domain, use Google Analytics, get free hosting and premium support. WIX ads are displayed on your site, so this is really only for a bare bones website. We wouldn’t recommend it for an actual company website. Bandwidth and storage are also fairly low.
  • Combo – Pay $10 per month for a free domain, everything in the previous plan and a removal of the WIX ads. It’s a step up, and the best option if you don’t mind 2GB of bandwidth or the inability to create an ecommerce shop.
  • Unlimited – Pay $14 per month for a free domain, everything in the previous plan, unlimited bandwidth, 10GB of storage, ad vouchers, the SiteBooster app and the Form Builder app. Go for this one if you need lots of storage and bandwidth. You still don’t get an online store with it.
  • eCommerce – Pay $17 per month for a free domain, everything in the previous plan, a full online store, and 20GB of bandwidth and storage. Now you can start selling products through your website.
  • VIP – Pay $25 per month for a free domain, everything in the previous plan, priority call back, instant response and a professional site review. As you’ll learn below, regular WIX support stinks. Therefore, if you need help on a consistent basis, the VIP plan might be worth the investment.

WIX Review: Templates and Design

WIX Review - templates

Although WIX themes are responsive, you won’t be blown away by any of the designs. I like them for quick informational sites, but in general, you’re looking at a template that’s best for a small business that doesn’t plan on scaling up the website much.

That said, they do look pretty modern and you get a ton of them.

WIX Ecommerce

As you can see in the pricing module, WIX only has two plans that support online stores. It’s just about the most rudimentary store you can find, and you don’t get too many WIX apps that are catered to ecommerce.

Making a product is easy, and connecting with a payment processor is certainly not a problem, but we would recommend against WIX for large ecommerce stores. The only time I would use it is if I wanted a cheap way to sell a few products. For example, inventors, or small retail stores, may find this to be a solid solution.

WIX Review: SEO and Marketing

Most marketing is done by installing apps from the app store. For example, you can find some apps for email marketing and social media. However, Wix provides some interesting social tools built right into the system.

In terms of SEO, WIX stands strong. All of your meta data is pulled automatically, but you can insert your own by customizing site titles, keywords and more for each page. WIX even provides tools for 301 redirects, improving your SEO and helping customers navigate around.

WIX Review: Customer Support


What can be said about the WIX support team? The FAQs, tutorials, and online resources are extremely helpful. However, if you want to get someone on the phone, or to respond to your emails with reasonable solutions, it’s not going to happen, at least in my experience. Basically, the company tries hard to resolve your issues with the online resources they already have. Then, if you absolutely must, they will let you setup a time for them to call you.

Yup, you can’t just pick up your phone and call. You have to wait around for them. In the past, I’ve found that the email support is scripted and they’ll close tickets before actually resolving anything. Therefore, I give WIX support a big thumbs down. However, if you pay for the VIP account they should treat you better.


So, who is the WIX website builder best for? Since the templates and backend designers are so sleek and easy to use, it’s handy for those who don’t have the money for a developer but don’t want to spend too much time designing themselves.

If you’re trying to build an ecommerce shop, avoid WIX. Shopify is a much better solution. Other than that, we like it for people who want to save on monthly costs and are looking for rather simple tools for getting a site up and running. Weebly is pretty comparable, so if you’re looking for something similar, try that one out.

If you have any experience with WIX, or you have questions about this WIX review, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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