Essential Items for Business Sites

There is some confusion over the use of the term “business site”, so let’s start by defining exactly what that means.  A business site is not just an e-commerce site.  In fact, it does not need to contain any e-commerce features at all.  A business site is simply a site that represents a business as a virtual online representative. Such a site may sell things, but it doesn’t have to in order to qualify as a business site.

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Designing for Optimal UX

Content may be king, as the saying goes, but if you fail to give sufficient attention to the user experience (UX), far fewer people are going to be seeing your content. This means it could be considered that UX is a necessary vehicle in the delivery of content. Understanding the relationship between UX and content is important, because many websites fail to properly account for this (and therefore fail outright).

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Simple Tricks to Improve Coding Efficiency

There’s a strange phenomenon that has arisen among software publishers.  There appears to be a tendency for people to invert their understanding of what makes a quality product better, or at least this is true when it comes to those who do the marketing.  It goes something along the lines of: “Their product has one million lines of code, but ours has two million, so therefore our product must be better.”

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One Simple Project to Learn All HTML5 Animation Techniques

Animation is often the last frontier for a developer.  Many regard it as a seriously difficult challenge, and so put off attempting it.  Which is a shame, because animation on a computer is not all that different from the kind of flipbook animation you probably did as a kid in the corner of your school books.  In fact, it’s probably even easier than that.

One of the technologies that has certainly made animation easier on websites is the HTML5 canvas.  Before we had that, we had to either use cumbersome tools like Flash, or we had to implement an entire JavaScript animation library that did essentially the same thing that canvas does, but requiring much more work on our part.

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