The Top 10 Website Builders Reviewed and Compared

top 10 website builders

The landscape of web design has changed drastically over the years. In fact, it’s changed so much that many people don’t even need the help of web developers anymore.

That’s all due to website builders, or platforms that give you the visual tools needed to construct a professional website, all without the complicated coding bit. These give you almost complete control over your design, while also eliminating the aspects that require tedious coding work.

I personally like to see clean, basic interfaces for some of the top website builders, but it’s also nice to have options where you control every aspect of your site (self-hosted solutions like WordPress).

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The Cheapest Website Builders Available Online

cheapest website builders

From free to thousands of dollars, website builders are some of the best ways to get online today.

Whether you’re making an online store to sell your new sock puppet design or you’d like to run a blog on the topic of neutering pets, launching a platform with a website builder is almost always cheaper than hiring an actual developer to do so.

These simple website builders remove the need to know anything about HTML, CSS, or other types of coding languages. In addition, you can manage the websites through a typically user-friendly interface, instead of paying someone to do the job for you.

As mentioned, you can find some free website builders as well as some inexpensive ones. And many of them are completely capable of making/running smaller or mid-sized stores, blogs, and business website.

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AI Website Builders: Are They Any Good? A Detailed Review (2018)

ai website builder

Artificial intelligence in website design? Is that ever going to happen?

Well, some AI website designers have actually been around for a few years now. Does this mean that human website developers and designers have to start looking for new jobs?

What about the companies potentially paying for AI web design? Will they be satisfied with the results? Is there going to be a clear difference in websites created by humans and software alike?

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Essential Elements of a Kick-Ass Website

Your website nowadays is often the first interaction between you and your customers (or audience, whatever the case may be).  If it is your intention that people should look at what you’ve created for them, it’s essential that your website should impress them.  Building an impressive website requires either a significant investment of time and effort or a significant investment of money.  Sometimes it requires all that and more.

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