Designing for Multinational Site Clients

Designing for a major corporate client with a multinational business presence is quite a different experience to designing for small business.  The good news is that the budget can be massively higher.  The possibly not so good news (depending on how you look at things) is that expectations are likely to be much higher as well.  This can place a lot of pressure on you.  But if you’re really confident in your ability, this pressure won’t be a burden upon you, it will drive you to greater heights.

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What it Costs to Make a Website – a Financial Comparison of Three Common Methods

Today there are many different choices available to people about how their website might be put together and hosted.  Each has advantages and disadvantages, and the decision should really be based on the needs of the client, their budget, and what actually works for the design team.  Not all of the different methods will give the same result for the same design, which is why the choice needs to be made with due consideration to what each method provides.

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Dealing with Difficult Clients

Sometimes it seems your customers have been born for the sole purpose of tormenting you with their crazy nonsense.  How do you stop yourself from tipping over the edge and letting them know how you really feel?  If you’re not sure of the answer to that one, don’t worry.  There are millions of other web designers out there suffering through the same problem, and we’re here with some practical tips to help you all cling to the edge of sanity a while longer.

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